Guided tours and workshops

Group visits and guided tours

Group visits and guided tours can be arranged after previous reservation from Tuesday till Sunday. A complete tour takes around one and a half hours. All our guided tours are adapted to the level of the group members: schools, kids, elderly visitors, disabled people, everyone is welcome! Please remember to provide appropriate clothing and footwear in case of bad weather since the tour takes place both indoor and outdoor. Participants are welcome to visit the Verbeke Foundation before and after the tour.
Please book your guided tour at least one week in advance by email.

For group visits starting from 10 persons, we offer a wide range of lunch possibilities.
Please book your group lunch at least a week before your visit by email.


By appointment we offer workshops COLLAGE & ASSEMBLY for all audiences and ages. Also companies are welcome for these workshops in the framework of team building.
The rate is €95 per workshop.

For primary and secondary schools (until 18) we have special rates.

Build your own windmill

Sunday 27 May
Bram Peirs
The idea is to build a working windmill that produces electricity.

Costs: 30€

This workshop is already done, but please let us know if you’re interested. If there is sufficient interest we organize this workshop again.

Journey of discovery at the microscopic level
The energy of wild plants

Sunday 24 June and Sunday 26 August at 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00
Rob van Es

Course duration: 45 minutes
Price €10 (+ entrance)

SAP streams full of sugar and other energy-rich fuels gouges through plants. At the same time, a system of tubes pump groundwater from the roots up. Wild plants around us are green power plants.

In a workshop of 45 minutes you spend the energy supply of these plants.

Make yourself a simple bio-lamp with potatoes, a LED and an empty jam-jar!

Sunday 30 September
Time 11:30 and 14:30
Duration 2,5 hours
Price 25€ (entrance included)

Steven Tevels, visual artist and participant in the exhibition, will give this workshop with his own work as a starting point.

This workshop is meant for children between 9 and 99 years.

For more information, bookings or subscriptions please send a mail to