Alexandra Roozen

Alexandra Roozen examines the acts of drawing. 

She says: ‘I always move from question to question, but a constant fascination for me is the (hand) writing, small gestures such as dashes, dots, scratches … That I can repeat endlessly. How simple these acts may seem, they are always unique, not reproducible because of all sorts of variables such as the human hand, materiality, tools, environment. The interaction between them fascinates me. Lately I’m touched by what began with a dot, a speck, that bacame a circle, a universal phenomenon, with many sides, in terms of both form and content. I like it when forms get meaning and resonate; A tip is a center point, a center, but what or who is a center: the Viewer, the creator, what causes it, what happened around it, and like this question after question unrolls itself.‘

In the exhibition Animal Man Machine Alexandra Roozen shows a new series of work from the series ‘ To Bend ‘, pencil on paper, 160 x 120 cm, 2017. It is a growing series of drawings focussing on the repetitive movement of her hand and a centrifugal force.

Verbeke Foundation