In addition to our tours and workshops, we also offer two more extensive programmes, which are specifically focused on interaction and collaboration.
During or after your teambuilding you can take advantage of a lunch or a snack and drink in our OPEN HOUSE BAR.

For more information about team buildings or making an appointment, please contact us at:


If you want to pay attention to the psychosocial well-being of your employees or wish to generate new insights, you can rely on the peace and tranquility during a forest bath in the Verbeke Foundation. Your team is invited to fully surrender to the magic of the moment. Interaction with art and nature excites the imagination and encourages engagement. This slow walk works also inspiring and inviting to self-regulation and co-creation. When your employees are confronted with uncertainties or stress, they can draw strength from this meaningful experience.
The duration of the walk is 2.5 to 3 hours and is supervised by Ann Tilman.


Five Douglas firs that were felled live on in a process of building and rebuilding, just as long until they are eventually re-absorbed into nature. The project is set up as a construction package in which a group of participants can transform the wooden installation from one half of the construction field to the other half, and thus devises and tries out alternative stacking. SENGU (2016) is a project set up by open-Air museum Bokrijk & TAAT in collaboration with Jolien Naeyaert, Ward Delbeke, Bas Vrehen, Sylvie Hagens en Frederic Schobben. It is moved to the Verbeke Foundation in 2018.

The teambuilding consists of jointly making a building plan based on the materials present and than executing the plans. This ensures that the work can always look different. It’s a continual work in progress. This project takes a whole day and is supervised by people of TAAT.