Raphaël August Opstaele (BE, º1934)

Mass And Individual Moving (MAIM)

Raphaël August Opstaele founded in the past 40 years Mass Moving – Mass & Individual Moving – Academy of Art-Mecano Art. His projects went along villages and cities around the world.

Collection of the Verbeke Foundation

A huge, movable wooden printing press that prints poetic slogans powered by solar energy.

Opstaele was in real happening style at the cradle of the ecological and socio-committed group ‘ Mass And Individual Moving ‘. He took his colleagues on the street, away from the museums. At the Venice Biennale in 1972 he realized the ‘Butterfly Project’. 10000 butterflies were released on St. Mark’s square.

Later works were more mechanical, but not less utopian. Opstaele visited a number of European cities with seven metal anthropomorphic creatures.

Heroes of the great Paradox
Collection of the Verbeke Foundation
They are part of Opstaeles ‘ Mecano-Art ‘ and also show their paradoxical strength in the Verbeke Foundation. They are strong, dangerous and mobile, but they are at the same time haughty, do not take turns and walk to smithereens against walls or  step to their doom on the bottom of a Lake at Verbeke.

World windorgan (1985) is an itinerant sound monument for producing public concerts with wind energy. 72 giant bamboo sticks of each 6 metres high are played by the wind. The spectator can walk through this aeologisch forest and unwind.