Visitor conditions

To make your museum visit as pleasant and safe as possible,
we ask you to comply with our guidelines.

Liability exclusion

Verbeke Foundation PS and Arts and Events BVBA hereby inform every visitor of the Verbeke Foundation that there are risks associated with the visit that may result in damage and serious personal injury if one does not pay close attention, trips, gets too close to the installations or objects, distracts oneself or others, or is under the influence of any legal or illegal substance.

The Verbeke Foundation is located in old storage buildings and greenhouses and a surrounding garden. In some covered areas, there is little lighting, and the floor is uneven and may be wet. The paths in the garden consist of sand covered with a layer of loose slate stones, and there may be irregularities in the paths. Therefore, every visitor must be extra careful both indoors and outdoors. Some of the displayed artworks may be unstable, have sharp edges, or have mechanisms that can cause serious injury if one does not maintain a proper distance or touches them. Pay attention to children who may not realize these dangers.

By accepting the admission ticket or entering the Verbeke Foundation, every visitor accepts these risks and confirms to waive the right to hold the artists exhibiting there, the Verbeke Foundation PS, Arts and Events BVBA, and employees, volunteers, or directors liable. Each of the aforementioned individuals or organizations reserves the right to claim damages from visitors who trip or injure themselves because they are not careful or get too close to the artworks, objects, and installations or distract themselves or others or are under the influence of legal or illegal substances.

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