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Message for all fans of the Verbeke Foundation.
Concerns corona times.

First of all, we hope you’re okay.

Because of the measures imposed on us, we are obliged to close the museum (inside and out) with far-reaching consequences. All events (company and private) have been cancelled, our museum café is closed and no visitors means no entrance fees and no book sales.

We are busy preparing and building our summer exhibition, which would have opened on 3 May. When that will be now is the big question.
A summer exhibition with a 600m² Wunderkammer with more than 1000 stuffed birds and mammals, old herbaria, shells etc., with work by the American artist Mark Dion, a solo by the Antwerp artist couple Christine Teller and Walter Goossens and a gigantic 70 meters long and 20 meter high exterior sculpture by Koen Deprez.

It’s worth enjoying it later.

You can’t visit our museum now. So we offer you five proposals to support us:
1) Purchase of an annual subscription* for 35€ per person.
2) Purchase of an annual subscription* with purchase of one of our publications for 45€ per person.
3) Purchase of an annual subscription* with the purchase of a book from our spending range for 50€ per person.
4) Purchase of an annual subscription* with purchase of the monograph of Peter Beyls 65€ per person.
5) Purchase of an annual subscription* with purchase of the collage book for 75€ per person.

* Valid until December 2021 when purchased before 30 June 2021.

Of course these times are also difficult for you, but as everyone knows, our museum is one of the few museums without a government grant. By purchasing one of the proposals you have two birds with one stone. Reading and viewing pleasure in your chosen book, which will be sent to you, and entrance to the museum until December 2021.

Orders can be passed by email on info@verbekefoundation.com and the amount can be transferred to our bank account BE25 143 1040 79182 of the Verbeke Foundation.

Thank you very much and we hope to see you soon when the corona epidemic will be gone.

With greetings,
Geert Verbeke

(Virginia Woolf)

Book list


– herman de vries in memoriam the cows
– Johan Opstaele Black Meets White
– Paul De Vylder Machinations

Art book series:
01) Stan Wannet Rational Animal
02) Jan Kersschot Bodyscapes
03) Jan Goossens Image Builder
04) Daniel Spoerri Objet Oblige
05) Roger Van de Wouwer L’Incorruptible
06) Zoro Feigl The mechanics
07) Wim Taciturn 100% Collages
08) Marinus Boezem 1584 La lumière cistercienne Baudelo Gent 2016
09) Jan Eric Visser Veritas
10) Ignace Schretlen Look at Scribbles
11) Ewerdt Hilgemann the belgian connection
12) Frans Neels Cutting on the sidelines

Peter Beyls Coming Full Circle

Collage book:
Verbeke Foundation Collages & Assemblages

For more information about the books click here.