11 September until 30 October 2016

RESOUNDING FAILURE (paintings&installation)
(VS º1971)

17 April until 30 October 2016

Bewogen beweging – Theo Jansen en Zoro Feigl
Retrospectieve – Roger van de Wouwer

On 17 April 1961 Bewogen Beweging, the first International Exhibition of Art in Motion, closed at Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Exactly 55 years later, the exhibition under the same title opens at the Verbeke Foundation. This time the spotlight is placed on two Dutch artists sharing a strong interest in kinetic installations: Theo Jansen and Zoro Feigl.

Bewogen Beweging (eng. Moved Movement) brings together new and recent works by Zoro Feigl as well as Theo Jansen’s first retrospective in Belgium. Using everyday materials to create intricate moving machines, the artists blur the line between art, engineering, mechanics, and biology. Constructed largely of PVC tubing, Theo Jansen’s dream machines walk on the wind and as new forms of life become more and more resistant to changeable weather conditions. Visitors are encouraged not only to see the beasts, but also to move them by hand and follow the evolution of the Strandbeests through their skeletons, photos, artist’s sketches, and design drawings dating back to 1990. While Theo’s primary focus is the function, Zoro aims at investigating physical properties of industrial materials such as plastic sheets, cords, ropes, etc. The tension achieved through the use of heavy components set in motion by engines and motors goes beyond rigid forms of mechanics resulting in dance-like qualities. Through endless experiments, the artists discover new ways of development, explore dynamics of movement and create balance between organic and mechanical properties.

The Verbeke Foundation is also proud to host the first retrospective of Roger Van de Wouwer. Comprising over a hundred collages, paintings and drawings, the exhibition touches on a variety of subject matters and brings closer the oeuvre of this surrealist painter and illustrator who employed a vast array of techniques to question the meaning and function of images. On the occasion of the exhibition, a book about Roger Van de Wouwer was published by the Verbeke Foundation.

Also on view works by: Bob Lens, Maarten Vanden Eynde, Léa Ricorday, herman de vries, Alan Sonfist, Stefan Cools, Lodewijk Heylen, Richard Kromjong, Paul Joostens, Rosemond Meys, Marcel Louis Baugniet, E.L.T. Mesens, and many others from Collection of the Verbeke Foundation.

BEWOGEN BEWEGING: Kinetic Sculptures is curated by Marie Verboven, Marek Wolynski, Karolina Slup.

The exhibition is on view through 30 October 2016.
ROGER VAN DE WOUWER (BE º1933 †2005)
MAARTEN VANDEN EYNDE (until 30 September 2016)


Winterexpositie – 11 2015 tot en met 03 2016

Daniël Spoerri º1930, RO
Albert Szukalski º1945 †2000, BE
Jean-Pierre Temmerman º1957, BE
Hanshan Roebers º1941, NL

Mandy den Elzen º1981, NL
Ruangsak Anuwatwimon º1975, TH – Ash hearts

Jan Goossen º1937 †2005, NL – beelden, tekeningen

François-Xavier Delmaire º1971, BE
Philippe Lemaire º1951, FR
Collectie Verbeke Foundation

Andrea Branzi °1938, IT – Grande Vaso
herman de vries °1931, NL
Atelier van Lieshout °1963, NL – CAST mobiel
Alan Sonfist °1946, USA
Matthijs Bosman °1976, NL
Paul Rutger Bastiaan °1959, NL – De Bathyscaaf

Sul Sol n°2, curator Marta de Menezes
Our bodies (Instituut voor Tropische Geneeskunde)
Merlin Spie °1969
“LIFE art Performance “Holding the Frame together”