Vadim Vosters (FR, º1979)

De video projecties zijn beelden van Vadim Vosters die rondwandelt met een Fakkel.
Door middel van flikkerend licht zoekt men beelden in Grotten, bossen, musea, kunst collectie.
De fakkel laat het beeld niet meteen zien waardoor we als toeschouwer, mee rondwandelen en zoeken naar beelden.
Zo ontdekken we zelf ook de schilderijen, installaties, het is een tocht in de nacht op zoek naar het beeld.

2011, video installatie met drie projecties, Verbeke Foundation

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In the work of Vadim Vosters, darkness is a unifying force, rendering all in its grip equal in stature. Light creates visibility, its edge defining the unseeable. Beyond that edge are things we cannot identify, although we perceive that they are there. In his paintings and installations, Vadim Vosters explores these delicate aspects of darkness and light in great depth.
In the installation SMOKE-FILLED ROOM, the darkness serves as a mental space; the viewer peers into the architecture as if through a foggy window. Light appears as an unnatural force, piercing the murky air in precisely defined beams. This mix of physical elements evokes an elusive environment, conjures-up a strangely cinematic scenario in which the viewer inadvertently plays a key role.
The room we enter is a space of interaction, suddenly filled with our own shadows, placing us effectively inside the architecture and on stage within the installation. Life and activity permeate the scene by way of our animated human silhouettes. A café interior is invoked by a painting and made multidimensional through the use of projected images, eluding us in a desirable way.
Sitting in this dark room one is inclined to contemplate while seeking out the visible within the enveloping space. Hindered visibility creates room for thought, the dim, hazy environment yielding introversion. Communication thus becomes highly personal, bouncing between oneself and one’s shadow, oneself and the setting, lacking any interpretation.
Hovering somewhere between viable and entirely imaginary, these physically-sound surroundings within which one enters impose an abandonment of conscious manoeuvring and visual acuity, replacing them with something far more personal and unusually real.