Arjen Boerstra, NL º1967

The work of Arjen Boerstra consists of a mix of buildings, installations, happenings, photos, video and performance. At an early age he already started with the tinkering of model boats and planes, building huts and with all kinds of wanderings in nature.
In a search for the open-mindedness of those days, and as memory experiment, he made a reconstruction of the attic room of his youth. This was the starting point for projects in which personal memories, historical facts and discoveries miraculously mingle. The space of the landscape always plays a crucial role.
A growing interest in historical developments led to new adventures, he himself in the leading role in all kinds of functions. These alter egos help him to take a distance, to look and to make choices that are unusual or that he wouldn’t dare to do.

The Verbeke Foundation organized the first major retrospective of the work of the Dutch multimedia artist Arjen Boerstra, with installations, photos and videos from 1996 until 2014. A comprehensive overview of the exhibition can be seen on Arjen Boerstra, Verbeke Foundation


  1. Maquette installation Boerstra/Cody, 2007, Collection of the Verbeke Foundation
  2. Retrospective of Arjen Boerstra 1996-2014, Verbeke Foundation, 2014