Eduardo Kac (VS, º1962)

GFP Bunny – Paris Intervention
dry ink on paper, open edition, 2000

The posters that constitute this series of images were posted by Kac on the streets of Paris between December 3 and December 13, 2000.
Kac placed individual posters in several neighborhoods, including: Le Marais, Quartier Latin, Saint Germain, Champs de Mars, Bastille, Montparnasse, and Montmartre.
The posters reflect some of the readings afforded by “GFP Bunny”.

The Alba Flag
cotton bunting with embroidered appliqué, edition of 3, 2001

Eduardo Kac is one of the pioneers in so-called biotechnological art. He became world famous thanks to the fluorescent rabbit Alba. Since years Kac develops works that the distinction between living animal and vegetal beings do fade. His project Edunia is the result of five years of artistic research in collaboration with scientists from the University of Minnesota. By integrating a fragment of his own genetic code into a petunia, Kac managed to create a transgenic plant that a revolutionary interpretation of the genre of the self-portrait. The veins of the petals that are normally white, have a deep red color that evokes the image of animal and human blood.