Erki de Vries en Tim Vets (BE)

  • Poltergeist II
    Collection of the Verbeke Foundation

    poltergeist: a noisy usually mischievous ghost held to be responsible for unexplained noises (as rappings)

    The installation consists of several identical units, each holding an electromagnet used as a hammer that hits the surface it is placed upon. Depending on the location the number can vary. The noises that are generated by hitting the surface are the reflection of rhythmical principles and algorhithms generated by the program controlling the units. Due to the physical placement in a wide configuration the rhythms also literally converge with spatial structures and movements. At times you literaly see a rhythm transplant itself along the units and displace itself in the space. Rhythmically the installation ranges from complex polyrhythmic structures to straightforward grooves, all generated in realtime, practically excluding the chance of literal repetitions and predictability. Every unit also holds a contact microphone, and amplification system to make the sounds more audible if needed, while at the same time keeping the natural spatialisation of the soundsources.