Henk Zoeteman (NL)

De ConvecToren

The trick is to make something beautiful with simple means. The Convector is an example and this striking work can be found in addition to the workshops of the Verbeke Foundation. The Convector is a Visual experiment to show how simple it is to get warm water. It came from an idea of Henk Zoeteman of ‘RHIZOME opinions for sustainability ‘ in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Geert Verbeke is excited on this idea and has found used material to assemble the whole. As 8 metal frames that in an earlier life served to transport works of art, glass and from a demolition firm came 10 beautiful bright red radiators.

Warm air into hot water

There is a lot of heat in buildings with glass facades, due to the warming of the sun; especially in summer, for example, glass (emergency) staircases reach high temperatures. The experiment with the Convector is going to reveal how much hot water can be made with warm air and solar radiation. The staging in the heated water goes to the technical area of the Verbeke Foundation and from there via a heat exchanger it will heat the shower water. The Convector is an experiment and will be adjusted in the coming years as the experiences lead to newer ideas. An important point is that the Tower in particular will give plenty of hot water in summer, sometimes even too much! The hot water can be stored in the ground to take also advantage of it in wintertime.

Many thanks to:
Thermaflex te Waalwijk (NL), van Gent Numansdorp (NL), IGC Interglas construct te Meer (B)