Ivan Henriques (BR, º1978)

Installation, 2012

Ivan Henriques’ work centres on questions related to time and memory. 3′ is a time difference between the present moment of Goldfish’s existence and its past moments produced with the use of camera and picture signal-delaying apparatus. Therefore, thanks to modern technology, the fish is given a unique opportunity to face its recent past. Time becomes a sequence, an extension in which instants are connected all together and have a real, visible impact on each other.




Action Plant
Installation, 2011

The ‘Jurema Action Plant’ is an interactive bio-machine that connects to a sensitive plant (Mimosa Pudica). Also plants, like people and animals, have an electrical signal traveling inside them. To measure the Action Potential of the plant some electrodes are placed in its branches. When the leaves and branches of the plant are touched this signal changes. These electromagnetic variations trigger movement of the robotic structure, on which the plant is mounted. Touching the plant make it moving away from the person touching it.
The electrical signal traveling in the plant and the Action Potential can be measured in any part of the plant, not necessarily where the electrodes are placed. If the plant can feel the touch and this signal travels inside the plant and can be measured in any part, does it mean that plants have memory, consciousness?