Jef Faes (BE, º1972)

9 – k e t o – t r a n s – 2
Installation – Work in progress, 2009-2010
In collaboration with Prof. Jacobs, UGent
Collection of the Verbeke Foundation

Jef Faes develops the concepts of space-filling, connection, fusion, and bridging. The artist draws inspiration from high-tech photos of scientific phenomena as well as honeycombs. The hexagonal model of the latter is in his view the most appropriate form to fill in a circle. The constructions comprise groups of units based on geometric shapes eroded by spherical modules. These voids are filled up again by the building activity of honey bees. What is interesting, bees adapted to the new form of hives employing their usual building technique: converting circular shapes into vertical walls again. The sculptures represent both emptiness and matter, micro and macro cosmos. As Jef Faes put it:

First there was the form that embraces and makes visible the void, from there grew the concept. Out of fascination at the sight of honeycombs, I invited the bees out to help me in developing my complex form systems. The honeycombs are also showing empty spaces (cells, mathematical in nature) that get various interpretations in the life cycle of the bee. For me a metaphor of self organization, life and death.

Jef Faes was working on the installation at the Verbeke Foundation for fifteen months in 2009 and 2010.