Joep van Lieshout (NL, º1963)

Collection of the Verbeke Foundation

This artwork got it’s form after the human digestive organ, from tongue through stomach, intestines to the anus. While the CasAnus is anatomical correct, the last part is blown into immense proportions, in order to make it a hotelroom.
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CAST mobile
polyester, 1996
Collection of the Verbeke Foundation

Middle 90 ‘s CAST (Center for architecture and urbanism Tilburg, The Netherlands) asked Joep van Lieshout to develop a mobile exhibition space, called CAST Mobile. A number of years it was used in places where something was happening in the field of architecture and urban planning. The movement, however, was quite complex, so ultimately was chosen for a fixed location near the office. It wasn’t used anymore, an undesirable situation. Searching for a new owner they found the Verbeke Foundation, who bought the work. In 2015 CAST Mobile was moved from Tilburg to Kemzeke, where the mobile exhibit space will be used for exhibitions and artprojects.