Lieven Standaert (BE, º1976)

Installations, 2007-ongoing
Collection of the Verbeke Foundation

Aeromodeller2 is a project of an autonomous, zero-emission, hydrogen-based airship that would never need to land. The artist designed it as a 90-meters-long flying machine that can travel all around the world without refuelling. The airship reproduces the fuel, creating hydrogen from wind and rain. When its power reduces, the aircraft needs to drop anchor and use wind generators to replenish the energy and regenerate. The helium-filled prototype (1:10 scale), which is also presented in the video, was developed as an experimental object to validate the aerodynamic concept and construction principles. The prototype is exhibited after a series of combustion tests with the use of hydrogen bags.

Lieven Standaert believes in a hands-on, experimental approach to engineering and therefore he works on the borderline between art and industrial design. Currently, the artist tests his airship prototypes and develops techniques that could provide safer constructional solutions.