Michiel van Overbeek (NL, º1954)

The GNORC MONTGOLFIER project, installation, 2012
Courtesy of the artist

Gravitation, gravity, is a ubiquitous and yet mysterious force. Although gravitation has a huge effect on human existence, is responsible for thousands of deaths every year and escape from this world, no one knows how impossible this attraction between two mass bodies exactly. Do scientists and lay people for hundreds of years in vain search for the deeper background of gravitation, and the possibilities for lifting it. The Gravitation Neutralisation Vickey Research Centre (GNORC) has its own individual path in the gravitational research. With a serendipische approach it hopes GNORC, led by Dr. ir. M. w. r. M Vickey, find answers to the many questions about gravitation.

DANCING BAMBOO, installation, 2011

Catapult, installation, 2008

A catapult is developed to projectiles away to shoot, did the Romans, though they had no elastic. No one shot vertically up for understandable reasons. An almost vertical skyrocketed, however, makes a very nice object movement. The acceleration as the released elastic contracts, the flight up.

Then: the parabolic slowness at the peak. After which the object onheroepelijk the end in the ground Express. The Catapult is designed to crucifixes in the air to shoot.

There was a one-time performance occurred on June 14, 2008 during the opening of the exhibition “Vision in Motion-Motion in Vision” of the Verbeke Foundation. The Catapult is there and remain on site is to perish.