Paul Segers (NL, º1976)

Station 03
Collectie Verbeke Foundation

The station was developed for the ‘Doorsneden Landschap’ (‘Cut Through Landscape’) from A1 partners (Artlab Deventer, Art Centre Diepenheim and Art Centre Hengelo). When there is enough wind the wind generator produces power for the lights in the work. After the exhibition the Station is purchased by The Verbeke Foundation.

Bridgehead Chabot
Collectie Verbeke Foundation

Paul Segers, Josef Blersch and Mander Liefting: “The absence of museological success in combination with the underlying pressure of Eindhoven, if possible ‘Design capitol of the Universe’ and a healthy dose of Brabant expansionism has driven up the New Branbants Front and Snodevormgevers (Snode Desigers) to the plan for a frontal attack on the Chabot museum in Rotterdam. True to the saying “All good things come fall out of the air in broad daylight” we will take over the Witte de With Street in a way Somali pirates can only dream of. The landing vehicle – specially produced for the occasion in the heart of Eindhoven – is built entirely according to the strict guidelines of the Brabant space programme, and therefore State-of-the-art high-tech as one would expect of a would-be Design-Capital.