René van Corven (NL)

Driving garden, Victor Mobilae
Collection of the Verbeke Foundation

Victor is a vehicle that moves with the speed at which climate zones in Netherlands moved to the North as a result of global warming. 6.1 km per 10 years, 1.67 m per day.
That seems like a lot and it is. However, Victor moves extremely slow.
A nice illustration of the slow power of nature.

René van Corven is a Designer. In 2003 he graduated Cum Laude at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, after which he founded Atelier van Corven. He makes both applied designs for living environments as designs for “free space”.

“The free space is there to be free. To experiment.
A place where wondrous machines arrise. Where to find ideas and thoughts that often have not yet been carried out. Where it yeast and bubbles. Where things are not finished yet and also a place where anything goes. It already often has led to inspiration for actual command situations.
Here you also find the art commissions which the Studio has carried out over the years. “