Boris Duijneveld (NL,º1975)

Polaris M
polyester silo, heating pipes, polycarbonate, wood and foam rubber, 2011
Collection of the Verbeke Foundation

Mobile Urban DesignUrban City Designer Boris Duijneveld, studied at the HKU, school of the arts in Utrecht.

The principle of waste architecture is designing and sketching with the materials and objects which are available. Playing with form, material and color leads to new insights and shapes who can’t be created on a white a sheet. It takes a different view of sketching by adapting existing forms and somehow connect them together. It is an art to make such changes that it will put the object in a different context that no longer has a assosiation with the original function but it works like a completely new design.

This design process developes an innovative way of looking at existing materials and objects around us. This creates a conscious look at modern life with all its abundance of materials and their value.