Moritz Ebinger (SW, º1961)

Collectie of the Verbeke Foundation

“Originally from Switzerland, I’ve been working for many years as a visual artist in the Netherlands. Thanks to the freedom as an artist offers me, I can experiment with a variety of materials and forms of expression. I take full advantage of this opportunity, using crackers, dance, ink, performance, horse bones, cash machines, radio, drawing, theatre, paper, gold, copper, underwater photography, internet, neon, film, water, etc.
Sometimes I draw quietly in my studio, or put together a large installation on-site, as well as having my own radio program. I enjoy creating art projects and showing them. I have had exhibitions ranging from the theatre, the street, in museums, and at artist initiatives. They are all important and each of them are perfectly suited for my work.

Some of the influences in my artwork are elegance, fantasy, confusion, action, poetry and irony. As an independent artist with a playful and rebellious nature, I offer my ideas to the huge jigsaw puzzle called art. Being aware that nobody can ban war, hunger and misery with art, I know that illiteracy, apathy and ignorance are its source. For this reason, I place significant value on content, soul and poetry so that my artwork gets across; that it affects the head as well as the gut, and goes to the heart of the matter. In this way, art can take us in the right direction.”